The pleasure of extending orgasms

According to research and studies, when it comes to the sexual interest, it seems that both male and female are interested. Most of the people think that men are more interested in sex but women are not. This is absolutely false as women are also more interested but they don’t explicitly reveal it. They also like to get indulged in passionate and intense sex with the sexual partner.

Sex toys

When it come to passionate and intense sex both man and woman has to cooperate each other, get involved and they have to explore different sex positions and techniques. There are some sex toys that assist the people in order to have intense, steamy and passionate sex.  Out of all, the best one is penis ring.  Let’s check about it in detail below.

Cock ring

The penis ring is also called as ring on the penis or as cock ring. It is commonly referred as the ring of love. Actually it is used to slow the blood flow in the penis during the sexual activities so that the orgasm can be delayed. Some men used to get immediate orgasms and they could not enjoy the pleasure more than few minutes of time. Though a person could get extended time on bed, this would be much helpful to extend the erection longer.

Men that want to enjoy the pleasure long time on the bed without getting quick ejaculation can use this. Check this link to find different models of cock ring from kinky winky sex shop.

Three major cock ring types:

  • Flexible
  • Rigid
  • Elastic

Avoid discomfort

The flexible cock rings are made up of silicone, the rigid is made up of metals and the elastic is usual material. As far as cock rings are concerned many men say that it increases the erection and they could hold the orgasm longer. It is intentionally for pleasure but the men that try to use it for the first time has to follow proper details regarding it. If it is the first time, then don’t use it for more than 10 minutes. This is to avoid the discomfort of using it. Increase it to 20 minutes as you get accustomed with it well.

Benefits of using Cock ring

  • Harder erection
  • Increasing pleasure
  • Extended time to get orgasm

Check the above given link to explore the available models. Choose the best that suits your interest and rock on!!!