Month: November 2023

Viagra Over the Counter

Know The Top Safe Alternatives Of Buying Viagra Over the Counter

Almost 80% of men face dysfunction at some point of time in their life. And yes, having sexual dysfunction is common among men. Sexual dysfunction can be defined as any type of psychological or physical problem preventing the individual or their partner from getting full sexual satisfaction. Online pharmacies are a great place to buy legal drugs and prescription pills for health ailments. One can buy many types of medicines online as long as they have a prescription from a verified and certified doctor. You can also köpa viagra receptfritt, if you have a prescription. You can click site to know more about it.

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What are the types of sexual dysfunction in men?

There are mainly four types of male sexual dysfunctions:

  • Erectile dysfunction

This is the most common sexual dysfunction. In this, the male is not able to keep the penis erected for a long time or faces a hard time getting an erection. This problem can be solved by consuming medicines such as viagra. By consuming viagra the erection lasts long up to 5 hours. The period may be different for different individuals.

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  • Premature ejaculation

In this, the person reaches orgasm quickly. The ejaculation happens within a few seconds or minutes. This makes the individual feel more conscious and the individual feels unable to perform better sexually.

  • Delayed or prohibited ejaculation

This is the complete opposite of premature ejaculation. In this, the person is not able to reach orgasm or the speed is too slow. Due to this, the partner reaches orgasm too early and the individual starts feeling nothing during the sexual intercourse.

  • Low libido

This sexual dysfunction is caused when the person has lost or reduced interest in sex. The possible causes may be not being able to find the perfect partner, too much performance pressure that they don’t want to do it at all, and many more reasons.

The most common cause of sexual dysfunction is due to performance pressure. By using some products to boost up the erection time, the performance, as well as confidence, can be boosted. Try out the exciting new products that will boost up your sexual performance. For complete detailed information about the products click here.

What can be the possible causes of sexual dysfunction?

There can be multiple reasons for sexual dysfunction. These can be the possible causes of sexual dysfunction:

  • Performance pressure
  • Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Smoking
  • Prescription drugs such as BP medicines
  • Low testosterone levels
  • Blood level disorders
  • Stroke or nerve damage
  • Alcoholism

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