Main reason for divorce cases is pornography

Main reason for divorce cases is pornography

For the past two decades, the number of divorce cases around the world is increasing. This is because people have started to show ego and hatred towards their partners for very silly reasons. Earlier, couples lived happily despite their fights and misunderstanding. With the advent of divorce law in the courts, People have started to appeal for divorce for no reasons. However, some may genuinely appeal for divorce due to reasons like physical torture, mental torture etc. Another one main reason that makes many couples file divorce cases is unsatisfied sex and excessive interest in pornography. These are two extreme cases.

Unsatisfied sex is where; either of the couples is not satisfied with the partner’s way of sex and need more. The latter one is where, either of the couples, end up in getting addicted to watching pornography so much that they take less interest in their partner. Both the cases may involve the participation of both males and females. One cannot say that only men watch porn videos. There are also women who watch them and enjoy masturbating than having healthy sex with their partner. This will only make the partner feel lonely and avoided. It kills the tenderness of marriage life. Scientists say that watching porn videos secretes an enzyme in the brain called the dopamine. Excessive secretions of this enzyme can override the natural satiation mechanism in the brain.

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Physical and mental damage

People might not know that watching porn videos on a regular basis will affect their brain. It portrays a wrong perception about women saying that women are material to satisfy one’s carnal pleasure. It is the same for men as well. Women watching porn lose respect for men as they see men as material for sex. Addiction to pornography not only separates the couples but also a child from the father or mother. When it consumes the brain, it leaves no room for other emotional thoughts. They mainly involve Indian young girls sex, hard core sex of different nationality, sex from different age groups and couple sex. Many people have been fired from work since they were found to watch porn at office. This can lead to job and career loss as well.

Say no to porn

Porn videos are mainly responsible for men to behave badly towards women. Some may go to the extreme of sexually abusing children and women after watching pornography. It sets as a terrible example for children, if they find out that their parents are watching porn. Videos like Indian young girls’ sex and hard-core sex are not for the children.